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From local shops to global brands, Fluz Fluz offers cash back from a variety of merchants, both online and in-store.

Fluz Fluz pays up to x100 more
than other cash back apps

Casback in online store

Fluz Fluz’s cashback network provides a powerful passive income source. Unlike other sites, you earn cash from other people’s purchases.

Crucially, the faster and larger your network grows, the more money you earn. So join, invite and start earning more now! Better yet, when you get tired of inviting, Fluz Fluz will auto-fill newly registered users in your network if they weren't referred by another Fluzzer. This ensures your network will always grow!

see how much you can earn


Number of
downstream fluzzers

Average expenditure
from your network (monthly)

Average personal
expenditure (monthly)

Estimated monthly income:


* this calculator shows an estimate based on an expectation for a Fluzzer's average consumption in each spending category at the time of writing, it is not a guarantee of any kind. The actual cash-back you receive may vary from the estimate based on the categories you and the Fluzzers in your personal co-op actually spend on. For example, restaurants might yield a higher cash-back than rideshares in USA.

Many ways to earn cash back

No need to change your shopping habits. Fluz Fluz provides the most ways to earn cash back rewards. Explore our options below:

Casback in online store

While shopping Online

Earn huge cash back while shopping directly on favorite merchant websites. We track the purchase and you earn the rewards.

Casback in store


Looking for in-store cash back? It’s as easy as swiping your linked credit card like you normally would. No UPC scanning or in-store fumbling.

Casback with gift cards

With Gift Cards

Prefer the familiarity and gift-giving power of gift cards? We offer that too. Stay tuned for exciting new ways to exchange your cash or coin for redeemable gift cards both in-store and online.



Let’s say you need a new pair of shoes. Visit your Fluz Fluz app, locate your favorite merchant and purchase onsite, through a credit card link or with a gift card.


When you make purchases, or someone in your network does, you earn cashback rewards that can be conveniently deposited in your bank account.


The more others purchase, the more you earn! So invite as many of your friends as you can, track your network’s performance and encourage others to keep buying and inviting. Even better, Fluz Fluz's network auto-fill mechanism will make sure your network keeps growing when you're not inviting.

Cash out anytime!

Unlike other rewards sites, you can cash out anytime with Fluz Fluz.

Don't wait for quarterly pay outs.
With Fluz Fluz you can cashout anytime!

Convenient electronic delivery of your cash out amount.

Less stress. No need to worry about tracking down cheques in the mail.

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What others think
about Fluz Fluz

Thanks for having me here! I’m really excited to be joining the Fluz Fluz global co-op. It has been a very profitable tool for me since my brother
invited me in Colombia.

Jeronimo Fuentes

Simply invite some close friends and in turn, they do the same. Nothing complicated. It is true that in Colombia the Fluzzers are happy. Who would not be earning discounts and tangible money for making purchases one has always done?


An advantage with Fluz Fluz is that you don’t need to convince anybody to change their purchase pattern… they can still do same brand purchases, but they will get rewards in return for each purchase. Much easier to convince
anyone to become a Fluzzer!


I’m spreading to all my friends, family and all my socials media for free! I believe in this business as it will spread like wildfire when it reaches the USA.


Fluz Fluz is a major game changer for the everyday person to be given the ability to get massive savings on the things you buy every month already! There is no doubt that one day every eligible person will be using Fluz Fluz -
proud to be one of the first users.


Fluz Fluz is going to take over the USA! Can’t wait! We need this type of disruption in the rewards market for decades.


If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

- Warren Buffett

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